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Best SEO Tools for Auditing and Monitoring Your Website

Every digital marketer knows that conduction technical SEO site audit by hand is tedious and time-consuming. This is why the best SEO agency in Dubai recommends using the most trusted SEO audit tools to identify and resolve the important technical issues that affect websites’ SEO ranking negatively.

Save time and boost SEO rankings with trusted SEO audit tools recommended by Dubai’s best agency. Identify and fix critical technical issues effortlessly for improved website performance.

Top 5 Technical SEO Audit Tools

Top 5 Technical SEO Audit Tools

We have compiled a list of the best technical SEO audit tools, that are used by every commendable SEO specialist in Dubai. Explaining the key features, we will tell you how each tool will help you improve the search engine ranking of your website. 


Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool offered by Google free of cost. It allows marketers, website administrators, and web developers to monitor their presence in the search results on Google.

Google Search Console includes tools and reports to help the user identify the technical SEO issues. The Console can be used to verify that all the pages of your website are easily accessible to Google’s web crawlers. This helps you detect and resolve the indexing and spam issues on your website.

The Console also allows marketers to keep a track of their SEO ranking on the SERPs and check over the entire backlink profile of their website.


GTmetrix is a tool for the analysis and reporting; it alerts you of your website’s technical issues that are likely to impact the UX and site speed. Improving factors like the loading time of your page, can impact the search engine ranking of your website.

GTmetrix collects and analyzes the data on performance of your website using rules same as Google PageSpeed Insights and YSlow; then you receive a performance score and indexed rating.  It enables you to measure the page speed objectively and compare to other websites.

GTmetrix helps you visualize the connection between the load time of the page, page size, and the number of requests it receives. This assists you in implementing the best strategy for the improvement of the UX for your visitors, enabling you to climb up in the SERPs.

A free version of this tool is available; it lets the user track up till 3 URLs, grants limited access to report filters and other features. The premium packages start from $14.95 per month; including priority access to hourly & remote monitoring, analysis server, video capture, and other diagnostic features.  

Screaming Frog

With a customer base that includes Google, Apple, Disney, and others; Screaming Frog is one of the leaders in the industry of Technical SEO auditing. The SEO Spider tool of the company analyzes the website size and gives SEO recommendations to users accordingly.

SEO spider can identify the broken links on your website, find the poorly optimized pages, locate missing metadata, help your pages get indexed faster by generating accurate XML sitemaps, find and fix the broken chains for redirecting, and many more.

SEO Spider’s free version lets the user crawl up to 500 URLs and find the common technical SEO issues. The paid version is accessible at 149/year; it includes unlimited crawling URLs and additional features i.e. integration with Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, Search Console, scheduled crawls, and many more.


Page Modified

An in-browser crawling tool, Page Modified captures the SEO data from your webpages and presents it in a neatly compiled spreadsheet; including insights and tips for optimization. A free version with limited features of this tool is available; paid version starts from only $5 per month.

Page Modified provides back-end computing resources that are necessary for scraping your site. Not only does it detect the technical issues like broken redirects, duplicate content, internal linking problems, problems with XML sitemap, etc.; but it also diagnoses on-page SEO problems i.e. absent H1 headers, missing meta descriptions and poorly optimized content and more.



SEOmator is a powerful technical SEO audit tool. Unlike the tools that most marketers usually use, SEOmator delivers technical, off-page, and on-page SEO auditing on a single platform.

A lengthy list of issues faced by websites can be solved by SEOmator’s web-based software. This covers 10 categories of technical, off-page, and on-page SEO, including Crawler report, Structured Data, HTML Tags, Page Speed, Internal Links, Content Quality, Backlinks, Social Media, Multilingual Support, and Mobile Usability.

The perfect blend of technical, off-page, and on-page auditing establishes SEOmator as a great SEO audit tool for digital marketers. The small business subscription plan of SEOmator starts at $19 per month and there is a model for pay-as-you-go; which lets you pay $5 for complete auditing whenever you require it.

A paid subscription to SEOmator for agencies, lets you host free and unlimited SEO tool audit on your website. 

Last Words

Auditing a website with the right audit tools is certainly of great help. However, choosing the perfect audit tools is a difficult task. This is why we brought you a compilation of the best tools for auditing and monitoring your website. These tools help you resolve the issues that would otherwise have a negative impact on your website.

To save time and effort, the best SEO agency in Dubai recommends the use of the above mentioned SEO tools for auditing and monitoring your website. However, if auditing a website despite the use of audit tools seems daunting, you can contact a reputable digital marketing company like VDigitalX to assist you.


How do I SEO audit my website?

Identify the opportunities for building links, find information for potential improvements in the architecture, fixing thin content, identifying and correcting the duplicate content, optimize content for keywords, metadata optimization, identifying opportunities for page updates, running analytics for page speed, scanning website for errors, and lastly switching from HTTP to HTTPS; these are the steps to SEO audit your website.

Which tools are used in auditing websites?

There are plenty of helpful tools for auditing a website; including OnCrawl, SEOmator DeepCrawl, GTmetrix, Ahrefs Site Audit tool, Screaming Frog, Google Page Insights, Page Modified, and SEMrush Site Audit.

Which is the most powerful SEO tool?

According to Forbes Advisor, the best and most powerful SEO tool is Ahrefs; due to the variety of plans it offers for the different kinds of users from beginners to professionals

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