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How Can Tumblr Help Grow Your Business?

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for boosting your online presence and sales and establishing yourself as a trusted brand. Social media marketing is targeted marketing, carried out on various social media platforms i.e., Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

One such social media platform is Tumblr. Though Tumblr does not have as many users as Facebook or Instagram, as a top social media agency in Dubai, we claim it to be significant for your social media marketing strategy, and here’s why.

How Does Tumblr Signify Your Business Growth?

Tumblr is full of appealing images and blog posts, which makes it a perfect place to run ads and host a business page for you. While its user base has always been smaller than the ones on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, 

Tumblr is a trustworthy site to market to the younger people in your target audience. You can integrate Tumblr with Google Analytics for the provision of meaningful insights to your audience.  

Though it is not always mentioned in social media marketing sites, Tumblr when used optimally can be very helpful in promoting your brand. Before proceeding to use Tumblr, go through this guide, to learn how Tumblr can be used to your maximum advantage.

Basics of Tumblr Advised by Lead Generation Companies in Dubai:

What most people don’t know is that Tumblr belongs to Automatic, the same company that owns WordPress. Tumblr hosts a whopping 549.5 million blogs and according to the reports of Statista, 312 million visits monthly. What makes Tumblr such a favorable choice according to the top lead generation companies in Dubai, is that along with sharing photos and videos you can write personal and business blogs, or incorporate both into one.

Basics of Tumblr Advised by Lead Generation Companies in Dubai

As soon as you create a Tumblr account, you will be prompted toward blog creation, as it is what the platform specializes in. While all the users on Tumblr need to have a primary blog, we also have the option of creating a secondary blog. E.g., if a user has a primary blog for promoting their food and beverages business, they can also have a secondary blog for their personal experiences, or vice versa, as you wish.

The Preface of Tumblr

The Preface of Tumblr:

Tumblr’s dashboard is easy to understand and adapt to. On the right side, you will find a row of buttons. The compass-like button is for Exploring, which will take you to view trending posts. The icon for Inbox is where you will be able to see, send, and read private messages. 

Next is the Messages option, which is for direct messages and chat. The Activity tab is for viewing notifications and the settings of your account. The last option is of New Post, for creating photos, text, quotes, video, audio, chat, and link posts.

Variety of Posting on Tumblr by Social Media Management Dubai:

The posts on Tumblr are of seven types that are named and described as follows:

1 Audio Post:

Though these are generally music posts, you can also record yourself and share them on your blogs.

2 Photo Post:

Tumblr allows for arranging photos in several ways, so you can either upload them separately or as a group of photos.

3 Text Post:

Your text posts can be as short or long as you wish, in your text post, you can add titles and content as you desire.

4 Video Post:

For video posts on Tumblr, you can upload videos of your own or embed other website videos i.e., YouTube.

5 Link Post:

In this type of post, you can share any link of your choice, along with the attached link, you will be able to see a preview of the page where the link leads to, including the title (which can be edited by clicking on it) and an image.

6 Quote Post:

These posts are for featuring quotes from celebrities or books.

7 Chat Post:

On Tumblr, chat posts are for sharing messages and conversations, these posts can also include titles.

Posts on Tumblr can be posted as soon as they are created, queued, or scheduled to be posted at a specific time.

Pros of Using Tumblr for Your Business:

Tumblr provides the perfect forum to engage with a relatively young audience since the users on Tumblr are mainly GenZ and Millennials. If your target audience consists of young people mainly, Tumblr is the perfect platform for you to promote your business and engage with your audience. 

With Tumblr, you have the option of using visual media to support whatever campaigns or content you post on this platform. The platform visibly favors visual media, art, and images more

Pros of Using Tumblr for Your Business

and you can utilize this to your benefit and capture a large audience and establish yourself as a visual brand.

The customization of Tumblr can be used to great advantage to build the official website for your business. Not only is creating a website on Tumblr less expensive and time-consuming but can also mark your business pages distinguishable amongst those of others.


Tumblr can be used for multiple purposes i.e., as a website, for advertising, gathering insights about your audience and providing them with business insights of your own, identifying the topics that are trending, and catering to the needs of the community of Tumblr. 

The top digital marketing agency in Dubai like VDigitalX Marketing recommends using Tumblr as a part of your digital marketing agency as it will not only enhance your online presence but also give you great learning insights and establish yourself as a trustworthy brand.


Why is Tumblr good for marketing?

The unique algorithm of Tumblr allows you the benefits of being viewed by your followers more than on any other platform, which makes it such a good option for organic marketing as well.

What are the benefits of Tumblr?

Tumblr accounts are easy to set up, and use, and can be integrated with other social media sites i.e. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Tumblr is easy to customize and can be used for publishing on the go. A considerable number of Tumblr publishing themes are available for free and fulfill many publishing needs and requirements.

How does blogging help your business?

Blogging helps your business by building trust with customers, expanding the brand of your company, and increasing web traffic.

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