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Keyword Search Volume Full Guide : Definition & Significance

Keyword search volume is the term given to the number of times that a keyword is looked up in a search engine during a given timeframe. 

Keyword search volume is as important for PPC ads as it is for SEO. Whether you are running a paid search campaign or researching keywords for your website, grasping the concepts of keyword search volume will assist you in selecting the right keywords to drive your success.

Search volume is significant as it grants you insights to the popularity of specific keywords, which will be helpful in determining whether or not you should invest in those keywords. 

In this brief guide, we will explain the basic concepts of keyword search volume and provide you with tips for discovering high-volume keywords.

The Importance Of Keywords

Search engines rank web pages and websites based on the relevancy of the keywords that they use. Additionally, bots index web pages according to keywords in order to ensure that the right web pages show in the SERPs when a user searches for a specific keyword.  

Stuffing a few keywords in your web page’s content is not sufficient for raising it to top ranks on the search engine results page (SERPs). Make sure that the content on your webpage is informative and relevant, so as to be of value to the user.

The Perfect Keyword Search Volume

There is no exact explanation for this, but we shall try nonetheless. The right keyword search volume is different for each niche and depends on the industry that you are targeting. However, it is common practice to look for keywords that have a monthly search volume of between 100 and 1000 searches.

We recommend considering somethings that we have listed below:

The Perfect Keyword Search Volume

Keyword search volume is different for each industry

Take care to not target overly competitive keywords despite the high search volume.

Do not target terms that searchers hardly ever use, this might serve as hindrance from reaching your target audience. 

Targeting keywords with extremely high  search volumes will most likely result in you competing against larger websites.

Ideally, you should be maintaining a healthy balance of competition and search volume in order to achieve the best results. Target keywords that have a mix of low to mid search volume, this will enable you to optimize your ranking while staying clear of excessive competition.

Evergreen VS Seasonal Keywords

Evergreen VS Seasonal Keywords

Even though the names are self explanatory, we will explain the main difference between evergreen and seasonal keywords.

1 Evergreen Keywords

Evergreen keywords are the keywords whose volume stays unchanging through the year. These keywords are crucial for consistent and steady traffic as they can be used all the time. For example, evergreen keywords for an online

clothing store would be “designer jeans” and “everyday sneakers”.

2 Seasonal Keywords

On the contrary, the search volume for seasonal keywords changes due to a multitude of reasons i.e. the festivals and seasons. 

For example, seasonal keywords for an online clothing store would be “winter shoes” and “summer swimwear”.

Finding Monthly Keyword Search Volume

You can easily discover the keyword search volume with the following friendly methods. With these, you will also be able to gauge the popularity of the keywords that you choose and make informed decisions related to your marketing tactics and your content.

You can find the keyword manually or use helpful tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, and SEMrush Topic Research Tool.

Finding Monthly Keyword Search Volume

Remember that while free keyword research tools do provide insights, you will be able to get deeper insights and analysis into competition, search volume, and relevance by investing in a paid tool.

Keep the process of learning, evolving, and monitoring keyword performance, a continuous one. This will help you scale the ever-changing SEO landscape better.

While search volume is important, you must remember to monitor the clicks and performance of your page with the help of tools like the position tracking tools of SEMrush.

Don’t forget that SEO isn’t a fluke, it is a data-driven science that you can master with calculated results.

Though seeing the results will take time, the key to SEO success can be attained with following a strong strategy, thorough analysis, and consistent monitoring.


That is it for our concise guide on keyword search volume and its importance. We hope that you managed to grasp the concepts and details that we have provided for you here. If you have any further queries or require any assistance, feel free to contact our team of experts and digital marketing specialists at VDigitalX Marketing.


What is keyword search volume and why is it so important?

Keyword search volume is the number of times that a keyword is searched on a search engine within a certain time frame. It is important because it helps select the right for SEO success and PPC ads keywords by providing insights into the keyword popularity.

What is the ideal keyword search to be targeted?

Though the ideal keyword search volume varies for each industry, it is common practice to aim for keywords that have search volume ranging between 100 and 1000. You should also find a balance between the right search volume for search results and competition.

How do I find the monthly search volume for keywords?

There are a lot of helpful methods to find the right keyword search volume with ease. You can do so manually or use tools like Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, and SEMrush Topic Research Tool. You can also invest in a pid tool to gain deeper insights and analysis.

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