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The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing

If you are a beginner in the world of digital marketing and have no idea about how to proceed with it, you don’t have to worry about it.

With the information you will learn here, you will come considerably closer to becoming a successful profitable business with the help of the best digital marketing agency in Dubai. All you need is a little information and a good digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing is web-based promotion of your business, product, service, concept, or an idea. It is also known as online marketing. It entails connecting with potential consumers and customers using different forms of digital communication.

Examples of digital marketing include promotional emails and text messages, social media, paid ads on social media, google ads, YouTube ads, etc.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy:

If you own or are a part of a digital marketing agency, what you need is a good digital marketing strategy. A digital marketing strategy is your planner for establishing and maintaining your brand’s presence on the internet.

This can be achieved through the many mediums present on the web i.e. social media, paid promotions, and other channels like your own business website, google ads, and YouTube ads

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy
Types of Digital Marketing

Types of Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing can be broken down into the following different types:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is the practice of receiving traffic from search results in search engines. The aim of SEO is to gain the highest position in search results because the higher the website is ranked in SEO, the more visitors it will get.

Email Marketing: It is the form of digital marketing that makes use of email to promote the products or services of your business. It helps in spreading the awareness of your business’ items and updates.

It also plays a key role in spreading the knowledge of your brand and keep them engaged during the process of purchasing.

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing refers to the use of social media platforms i.e., Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. to promote your business, products, or services.

Mobile Marketing: It includes sending promotional text messages and calls to potential customers via mobile phones or a similar system.

Market Analytics:  This is the process of analyzing and using data to assess the performance and effects of a particular marketing activity or strategy on the business’ net income and sales.

By utilizing technology in this analytical process, businesses can deduce what drives the consumers purchasing patterns and they can use the information obtained to refine their marketing strategies and earn greater returns on their investments.

Pay per click: This technique involves advertisers getting paid every time their link or advertisement is clicked.

Affiliate Marketing: It is simply a way of earning monetary commission by promoting the commodities offered by a firm; the earning is done by providing a specific result to the advertiser i.e., sales, downloads, leads, etc.

Pros of Digital Marketing:

Enables the business to reach a wider target audience. Social media platforms have millions of users from around the globe. A sponsored ad on any social media platform will enable your business to spread internationally.

It costs lesser than traditional modes of marketing and advertising. Digital marketing is mostly free of cost unless you wish for a social media website to sponsor your advert or you wish to access the premium features of a website while designing your advert.

Pros of Digital Marketing

It can be updated, corrected and edited more easily. Once an advertisement has been printed, it is impossible to correct any error that might have occurred, change the way it looks, or delete it.

It is trendy and appeals to the young generation, who have greater spending patterns and are willing to spend more on commodities that appeal to them.

The psychologically proven fact is that young people spend more than their elders. If a product advertisement appeals to a youngster, they will pay for it regardless of the high price.

Cons of Digital Marketing

Cons of Digital Marketing:

Time Consuming: Digital marketing may be cheap in monetary terms, but it requires a lot of time for creation and maintenance.

Security Issues:

Reliance on Technology: It may cause your business to become too reliant on technology. If a server is to go down for a minute, it could cause an unimaginable loss.

Global Competition: Where your business obtains global reach due to digital marketing, it also gets global competition.

Most of these competitors may be already well established and more popular than a firm that has newly entered the global market.

Facing Negative feedback: If you wish to market digitally, you must be prepared for negative feedback from customers and the target market.

Most people consider digital ads as a nuisance and if they were to see these ads repeatedly, they would give you negative feedback without actually gaining any knowledge about your business.

Conclusive Thoughts

Like every other thing in this world, digital marketing has its advantages and disadvantages. Digital marketing in this time and era is crucial for every business and you should try to enter into this aspect of business as well.

However, if you find it difficult to understand digital you can always take help from an expert digital marketing agency like VDigitalX.


Do and don'ts in digital marketing?

Dos of Digital Marketing:

Create and maintain an official blog for your business and keep it updated constantly.

Targeting a specific audience.

Remember mobile phone users

Offering discounts and gifts.

Don’t of Digital Marketing:

Avoiding any social media platform.

Not utilizing SEO.

Ignoring competing businesses in the markets.

Having slow or poor customer service.

Can I learn digital marketing without coding?

It is not a necessity to learn to code while aiming to learn digital marketing unless you plan on creating your own custom website or blog. You can be successful in digital marketing even if you do not know to code.

Is digital marketing tough?

Digital Marketing is easy but it requires hard work, effort, and persistence like every other thing in business.

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