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Revamp Your Brand Identity with Top Graphic Design Agency Dubai

Revamping your brand identity is a process that though time-consuming, is a necessity for every business at some point. As a top graphic design agency Dubai, we recommend revamping your brand’s identity at the right time.

If you are not sure whether or not it is the right time to revamp your brand identity, you can always consult a professional in the field regarding it.

Graphic Design Agency Dubai

The Top Graphic Design Agency Dubai

According to the top graphic design agency Dubai, timing is the most important factor when you are considering revamping your brand identity. As a business, if you haven’t gotten your business logo designed professionally.

There is a high you might not have been aware of the ever-changing trends and requirements for the perfect logo design.

While you might have developed the visual identity for your business as your brand grew, it is important that when the time comes, you revamp the identity of your brand.

The Key to Brand Revamping By The Best Agency of Brochure Design Dubai

As we learn from a top agency of brochure design Dubai, the key to successfully revamping your brand identity is to keep the revamped one similar to the original identity.

Remember that you are not starting from scratch but elevating the existing identity of your brand.

This will enable you to keep the recognition of your brand while giving it a current, updated, and trendy feel.

The Key to Brand Revamping

Experts in the field recommend a few ways to go about this, which are as follows:

  • Adding a little white space.
  • Modifying the existing color palette.
  • Refine your brand aesthetics to more modern ones.
  • Alter the fonts you are using currently.
  • Add improvement to the imagery you use.

Keep in mind that your main goal will be to ensure that the brand identity you revamp elevates the quality of your brand to match the growth and quality of your business.

Top Design Companies in Dubai

Why Top Design Companies in Dubai Recommend Consistency

The top design companies in Dubai recommend making sure to keep your brand consistent when revamping your brand. This is because your audience and clients know your brand and are used to it.

If you change everything entirely all of a sudden, you will likely see an undesirable change in the attention you get from your audience.

While revamping, focus on the elements of your brand that stand out the most, these could be the handmade elements of design, your specific color palettes, etc.

Make sure that your revamped brand identity is cohesive across the various platforms, i.e. your website and your various social media accounts, your content should have more intention and mean behind it, rather than a coincidental choice.

To make your brand image more outstanding, you can simply keep the elements that define your brand, and redesign your logo and website. Here are some tips for revamping your current business.

1. Create a Mood Board

A custom mood board for your business is a must-have these days. A mood board is a simple enough concept that involves a collection of images and graphics that establish the overall aesthetic of your brand.

While there is a possibility that you might not have heard of it when you first established your business, it is the trend now.

Create a Mood Board

The era of technology and digital marketing has only added to the significance of an aesthetic for businesses. This also serves as an influential factor when elevating a business to the status of a brand.

Once your mood board is done, you can use it to direct the rest of the redesigning process of your business. Make it clean, clear, and meaningful.

Update Your Logo Design

2. Update Your Logo Design

The next step after creating your custom mood board is to redesign your logo. There is a great probability that you are aware of it, but your logo design is outdated or behind in the trends and customer preferences.

While redesigning your logo, remember to make it user-friendly. Rather than using Adobe Photoshop for creating your logo, you should try using Illustrator.

3. Make Your Logo Meaningful

When you are designing a new logo for your business, remember to make it meaningful with a few touches of your own self. For example, if you are an artist you could add an element that is artsy, i.e. a paintbrush stroke, a shape, or texture.

Give your logo a little more purpose than you initially did. You could also use a double concept in your logo, you could create a logo that is both the brand emblem and your name.

Give your logo an approachable feel, that makes it more appealing to your target audience and entices them to interact with you.

Make Your Logo Meaningful

Parting Note:

Previously, revamping was not even considered by businesses. However, things change with time and so do the trends that businesses follow.

You can take the example of various brands that have changed their logos, packaging, and the way they interact with their customers.

You can simply start by building a logo that is appealing and reflective of your personality and the personality of your brand.

Remember that you don’t have to carry out this extensive task by yourself, you can always outsource to a top digital marketing agency in Dubai such as VDigitalX.


What exactly does a graphic designer do?

A graphic designer creates visual concepts according to the tasks’ requirements, by hand or with computer software.

What does a graphic design agency do?

A graphic design agency is hired to do creative work for an assortment of brands with varying areas of operation.

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