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Dominate Google with the Best SEO agency in Dubai

SEO is in a way like the weather, as it is always changing and never stays constant. However, we have a way to make SEO work for you in even the most challenging circumstances from the SEO specialist in Dubai.

Once you have figured out what the search engines like Google are searching for, you can develop an algorithm that takes your strategies levels ahead.

Proven Tactics of the Best SEO Agency in Dubai

Technology has developed at a high speed in Dubai and is still doing so. It is no surprise that information-related services have only continued to increase in efficiency. Dubai is one of the leaders in the world of Information and Technology.

That is why the strategies and tactics used by the best SEO agency in Dubai have been brought to you; so, you can produce content that ranked high. We have compiled for you these tactics in the following list.

Proven Tactics of the Best SEO Agency in Dubai
Cut Out the Spam-like Backlinks

1. Cut Out the Spam-like Backlinks

In the past, backlinks were the treasured part of SEO, but that was the past and we are a long way from there. Backlinks are not entirely yesterday; they still are an important factor but here the quality matters more than the quantity.

If you have ever owned a website; you might have received a considerable number of requests for backlinks. These are people who wish for their links to be included on your website.

In most cases, these backlink requests belong to the websites of the lower end with low-quality content and subpar SEO tactics.

2. Establish Your Brand

Since the late 2000s, the emphasis on brands from Google has increased drastically; because brands help differentiate between misinformation and the right information; as building trust with your website visitors and customers is a necessity if you wish to rank high in the search engines.

When you have finally got a well-established brand, you will see a considerable increase in traffic to your content.

Establish Your Brand
Strategic Content and Thought-Leadership

3. Strategic Content and Thought-Leadership

When you have authoritative and strong content (that uses relevant keywords in the right context) ready, you need to bring in a solid strategy.

If you aim to become an authoritative information site, you achieve this goal through strategic content and thought leadership.

While this content takes more time production time, it is also more beneficial and profitable; as it answers frequent questions and other questions in advance as well.

4. Make a Diverse Backlink Profile

Simply put, a diverse backlink profile means having a wide variety of links from numerous websites and ensuring that these links have different types of anchor text distribution.

perfect backlink profile
Raise Your EAT Score with Subject Matter Experts

5. Raise Your EAT Score with Subject Matter Experts

While determining the quality of a page, EAT score is among the top factors. Here, EAT refers to Expertise, Authority, and Trust. You don’t necessarily need to be an expert in this subject, it is great if you are one; else you will need the services of such a person to get a high EAT score content.

Regardless of whether you are producing thought-leadership content, you can avail the assistance of a subject matter expert. You can quote them in your content, conduct interviews with them, and link them to your content.

Off-page SEO Tips from the Best SEO Company Dubai

The best SEO company Dubai has not only told you what you are supposed to include in your SEO content but also what you should avoid while producing content for SEO, to produce SEO-rich content. Read the following stuff that you need to avoid next time you sit to create content:

Off-page SEO Tips
Keyword Stuffing

1. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing refers to stuffing a lot of direct and related keywords in your content. You might think that using many keywords will make it more relevant to the searches and help it rank high in the SERPs; this couldn’t be more untrue.

Keywords that appear too often on your page will cause your page to be labeled as spam by the crawl bots of Google.  Keep your keyword density to approximately 2 percent. Whether it is the main keyword or the related ones.

2. Cannibalization of Keywords

Cannibalization of keywords is when more than one page on your website targets the same main keywords. This mistake is commonly made by newer websites when the owners believe in splitting content to create more pages.

In order to avoid cannibalization of keywords, produce pillar content; include post titles as H2 for larger posts.

Cannibalization of Keywords
Content Duplication

3. Content Duplication

Keyword Cannibalization is also related to content duplication. Duplicate content is the parts of content that are similar to content elsewhere on your site or the internet; where it will be considered plagiarism.

To prevent your content from being flagged as duplicate, you can create 301 redirects, use no index tag on the content that is syndicated, keep your URL structure consistent, and make sure the domains you use are top-level.

4. Matching Anchor Text Exactly

Matching anchor text exactly is like keyword stuffing; it signals to search engines as your way of manipulating rankings. Avoid this by determining the status of the current links and backlinks to your website.

This can be done with the help of Ahref’s aim for about 20 of the links to link only partially or completely.

However, if you are link-building actively, you are unlikely to be in danger of this mistake. It is still wise to keep checking on your backlink portfolio.

Matching Anchor Text Exactly
Spam Link-building

5. Spam Link-building

Link directories, paid links, blog comments, and paid links are some very common and very clear ways to offend the right way of building links.

Reevaluate your referred domains. In order to learn whether linking to these domains is good for your backlink profile or not.

Conclusive Remarks:

Dominating Google with SEO might seem like a far-fetched fantasy, but with the right techniques, tactics, and strategies. You can achieve it. If you are unaware of the benefits that a trusted digital marketing agency offers, you can always turn to our blog Transform Businesses with Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai.

Content of high quality is a good starting point when you aim to dominate the SERPs. You can use the given tips and also avail the services of an SEO specialist in Dubai like VDigitalX.


What are the 4 types of SEO?

The four (4) types of SEO are; local SEO, on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Technical SEO.

Is SEO better than Google ads?

If you wish to enhance the online presence of your business and build trust, SEO is the better option. However, if you want to simply drive traffic over the short term, PPC or Google Ads would be advisable.

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