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The Need for PPC Advertising in Digital Marketing

New to digital marketing? It’s all right if you don’t have any idea about PPC Services. We have all the information you are going to need as a beginner venturing into the world of PPC.

First of all, you should know that you don’t have to do PPC advertising or marketing on your own, you can hire a reputable PPC agency for that.

PPC in digital marketing means Pay Per Click. It is a digital marketing strategy that involves placing advertisements on webpages, websites, blogs, etc. The advertisers accumulate cost each time one of their ads is clicked.

Simply put, you pay an advertising fee only when your ad is clicked on.  It allows advertisers to pay for ad placement in the sponsored links of search engines. This works when someone searches for a keyword relating to what our business is offering.

An Example to Make It Simple

If you bid on the keyword “black mousepad”, because you are for example an online seller, your ad may show up on the top of the search results on the browser when a user who wishes to buy a certain mousepad, searches for “black mousepad”. This is a simple method of buying traffic to your website.

An Example to Make It Simple
What PPC is used for

What PPC is Used for:

PPC is used for creating brand awareness, generating leads, and increasing sales; among other things. PPC requires being exact and relevant in your ads and information; utilizing keywords to the exact point.

Searchers are for immediate solutions; it is through PPC that we can provide them with the correct information at the exact moment they are searching for it.

Platforms for Search Engine Marketing:

Microsoft Advertising: Microsoft advertising is an online advertising platform. It displays our advertisements among the search results on search engines like Yahoo or Bing. Microsoft advertising is based on keywords. This platform also uses Search Partners.

Google Ads: Google Ads is the largest and the most popular platform and the correct term for Google Ads is PPC. Google Ads is a system for advertising on Google, to convey your business’ message to a large audience who are searching for information, services, or products that you can provide.

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PPC puzzle image

Pros of PPC Advertising:

  • Cost Effective: PPC is cost effective because you have to pay when a user reaches your website by actually clicking on the ad; it is good value for a relatively small sum of money. It is up to you how much you would want to spend on PPC advertising.
  • Easy to customize: Even while your ads are running, you can easily customize and make adjustments to them to attract more visitors.
  • Measurable: You can easily measure how effective your ad has been by setting them up in such a manner to measure the effectiveness easily. This will help you calculate how much the return on your investment will be.
  • Faster impact: You can see the impact of your PPC adverts occur faster than SEO which takes a lot time; weeks and months to make any difference.
  • Targeting audience: You can choose your target audience easily, according to location, language, device being used, etc.

Cons of PPC Marketing:

  • Skills required: It takes quite some practice to set up effective PPC campaigns and ads. This is why to save time and other resources; most businesses opt for hiring an agency that specializes in this field.
  • Time investment: Time is our most precious commodity and resource that can’t be brought or bought back. We need to invest considerable time in optimizing and improving our campaigns so we can have better results than before.
  • Piling Costs: If you do not monitor or optimize your campaigns constantly according to changing trends and preferences; your money could go to waste. To earn considerable returns on your investment, you need to allocate budget for these campaigns very carefully.
cons of PPC Advertising
  • Disappointment: clicks on your campaigns and visits to your page, don’t necessarily mean that your sales will rise. What your business is offering, should appeal to visitors, so they may convert to become customers.
Types of Paid Advertising

Types of Paid Marketing:

Paid Search Marketing: This is the most popular type of PPC advertising. It involves the advertising platform showing your campaign to the searchers who are looking for specific keywords.

These campaigns can be set up by writing advert copy, choosing relevant keywords, and then selecting the correct page on your site for landing the search.

Social Media Advertising: It involves using social media platforms to connect with users who could become your customers. Paid advertising through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.; can help you attain a higher rate of click-through to your site.

As these channels have the exact information of their users’ interests, location, age, etc.; they can be used to target specific audiences with maximum accuracy; which is greatly helpful in increasing awareness of your brand.

Retargeting: This type of PPC advertising uses cookies on the browser to show specific ads to the user based on their search patterns and history. This technique of marketing is also used in email marketing and social media marketing.

Display Advertising: These are images, banners, or text ads that are displayed on various websites, so as to target a specific audience. These ads link the searchers to your website.

Though they have a lower click through rate, they can still be useful for creating brand awareness.

Affiliate Marketing: Involves affiliate marketers creating PPC ads to promote your business’ products and services by placing them on search engines, targeted content site, heavily trafficked websites, and price comparison websites.

Affiliate marketing requires a lot of time and consistent management for it to be a success.

Price Comparison Website Advertising: This type of advertising involves gathering and displaying prices and offers from various sellers. Users can click on any of the compared adverts and be linked to the provider or the seller.

Though this type of advertising pits you against your competitors, it is helpful for gathering quality leads.

Conclusive Remarks:

PPC has proved to be an effective, long-term digital marketing strategy. Even if the concept is entirely new to you, it has been present for a long time and a lot of businesses and individuals have benefitted from it.

It may be difficult to achieve instant through PPC; which is where digital marketing agencies like VDigitalX come in. They can help you make your very own digital marketing strategy, so you may achieve the success that you aim for.


1. Why is PPC important in digital marketing?

PPC is amongst the most well established and effective digital marketing strategies. PPC enables your business to have a personalized communication with the specific target audience; this is helpful in promoting your business to those who are actually interested in what your business has to offer.

2. Why do you need PPC advertising?

PPC advertising is necessary because it gives you control over your advertising cost, and helps you increase sales as well as brand recognition.

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