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Benefits Of Using Instagram For Your Business’ Marketing

Instagram is a valuable tool for your Digital businesses, regardless of the industry. The platform has over 25 million business accounts and received over $7 billion in advertising investment last year, indicating its popularity among companies.

However, some businesses refrain from using Instagram because they mistakenly believe they have nothing interesting to share. This is incorrect. Whether a business operates in the business-to-customer or business-to-business sector, there are opportunities to leverage Instagram’s features effectively.

By employing creativity, strategic planning, and proficient social media management, businesses can discover a wealth of visually appealing content to post on Instagram.

Reasons Why You should Use Instagram For Your Business

Reasons Why You should Use Instagram For Your Business

Symbolizes Trust:

The presence of a verified Instagram account, symbolized by a blue tick, instills trust and authenticity in the image of the company. This verification assures customers that the business is genuine, transparent, and holds a reputable status.

Particularly for online businesses, it is essential to maintain an additional social media account to provide customers with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the company and its offerings.

Enables Your Customers To Tag You:

Customers and users have the ability to tag your business on Instagram, especially when they want to share their customer service experience or showcase a product they recently purchased. The authenticity of their reviews and stories holds significant value.

Therefore, it is essential for your business to have an Instagram presence, as being tagged in customer posts allows their content to appear on your account. Failing to have an Instagram account means missing out on valuable opportunities for user engagement and exposure.

Boosts Your Sales:

You can share Instagram photos and videos that directly link to the items you sell, it is a crucial aspect of achieving success in your business. To fully leverage this feature, it is important to create a product catalog on your Facebook page, as Instagram directly retrieves product data from there.

By having a well-curated product catalog on your Facebook page, you can ensure that your Instagram posts effectively showcase and promote your products, providing a seamless and convenient experience for your customers. This integration between Instagram and Facebook helps optimize the visibility and accessibility of your products to potential buyers.

Drives Traffic Back To Your Website:

Instagram offers more than just product features; it’s also a platform to showcase various types of content such as white papers, infographics, and blog posts from your website. It stands out as a social media platform that can effectively drive traffic back to your site.

You have the option to easily share your Instagram posts on Facebook or Twitter directly from your account, or you can streamline the process by using a social dashboard that enables you to share the same message across multiple social media platforms with just a few clicks.

Gets You On The Same Level As Your Competitors:

When your competitors have an Instagram account and you don’t, you inadvertently give them an advantage in their marketing efforts. If you’re unsure about what to post on Instagram, observing your competitors’ strategies and how they showcase their business products can be highly beneficial.

By doing so, you gain insights into a wide range of possibilities and find inspiration for your own content. Analyzing your competitors’ approach on Instagram can serve as a valuable source of motivation for enhancing your own marketing tactics.

Is Perfect For Social Networking:

Instagram serves as an excellent social networking platform, enabling you to engage with similar businesses or individuals through likes, comments, and messages. Over time, these interactions have the potential to develop into meaningful relationships. This establishes a connection that extends beyond the digital realm, making it easier to connect with them in person or encounter them at events.

By nurturing bonds on Instagram, you lay the foundation for building genuine connections and fostering a sense of familiarity that can be beneficial for future interactions and collaborations.

Lets You Find New Talents:

In certain situations, when individuals are considering collaborating with you or joining another company, they seek a comprehensive understanding of what it entails. Providing a transparent look into the inner workings of your company on platforms like Instagram and other social media is an excellent way to showcase your company’s culture.

By offering glimpses behind the scenes, you create an opportunity to demonstrate the values, atmosphere, and ethos that define your organization. This transparent portrayal allows individuals to gauge the alignment of their own values with your company’s culture, aiding in informed decisions about potential partnerships or employment opportunities.

Manages Your Business’ Image Online:

Having an Instagram account is crucial when it comes to managing your online reputation and optimizing your brand’s visibility in search engine results (SEO). Your business’s online reputation holds significant value, and it’s important to be mindful of what appears when customers search for your brand or business name.

Alongside your website, social media platforms often feature prominently on the first page of Google search results. Therefore, it is considered a best practice to create business accounts on digital media platforms, including Instagram, using your business name, even if you don’t plan on using them extensively.

The objective is to exert control over the search engine results page by establishing profiles and creating content that reinforces your company’s brand image.

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