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Tips To Increase Traffic with YouTube Marketing

With more than 2 billion active users and viewers worldwide, there are more than enough people to watch your videos on YouTube. It is a popular means of reaching the target audience for multiple purposes i.e., entertainment, marketing, etc. Even the best social media services in Dubai use this platform to reach their target audience and market.

The task of getting your videos to the right audience can be quite challenging. However, if the Digital marketing services in Dubai are doing it, so can you. You just need to follow these nifty tips we have provided below to accomplish your goal of increasing traffic with YouTube marketing.

YouTube Marketing is a digital marketing tactic that includes creating and uploading videos on YouTube to promote a product, service, business, or brand. It helps businesses boost traffic, increase their customer base, gain more exposure, and reach a new audience. It may also involve working with YouTube ads and influencers.

Importance Of YouTube as A Marketing Channel

YouTube is a popular and important search engine, send only to Google. More than 50% of businesses internationally have agreed that YouTube is important for them.

This goes for every business type whether they are based online or not; Digital marketing through YouTube is crucial and beneficial in reaching the maximum possible audiences and eventually sales.

Importance of Youtube Marketing
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How Frequently Businesses Post on YouTube

Posting and sharing new videos on YouTube is very important. It helps you keep your existing and potential customers updated; an effort that most customers appreciate.

Posting often will also help you stay in front of most viewers who are not yet your customers, this will pique their interest to learn about you, contributing to an increase in your traffic.

Tips to Increase Traffic Through YouTube

In addition to upload frequency, there are many other factors that contribute to increasing the traffic on YouTube, they are as follows:

1. Professional Thumbnails:

The video’s title and thumbnail are the first things a viewer sees; these impact the impression you have on your target audience. A professional-looking thumbnail is advantageous in improving the reviews and the number of viewers.


Making thumbnails unique is the most efficient and effective way to gain more views on YouTube videos and promote your YouTube channel. Carefully customized thumbnails increase the visual appeal of the video and give it a professional look.

The best part is that you don’t need a degree to create a good thumbnail. You can also use a common template for all of your thumbnails to give them uniformity. Doing live streams is another way of improving views and subscribers.

2. Engrossing Titles:

As we already know, the title of the video is one of the first things that viewers see. In order to grip the viewer at first glance, you need a compelling engrossing title for your video. If you need more viewers clicking on your video’s thumbnails, you need a catchy title that is appealing, unique, creative and avoids click baits.

YouTube is a popular search engine and that means people are looking for answers there as well. A way of getting more views is to look for the questions that people are seeking answers to. You can create videos answering these questions and use them in your title and video tags.

3. Understanding your Target Audience:

This is perhaps the most important part of YouTube marketing, without which rest of the strategies will be unsuccessful. YouTube channels that get the most views are the ones that have a specific niche for their videos and are focused on that niche.

Choose one keyword then conduct in-depth research about it; this will help you recognize your target audience and their preferences.

If you know what your target audience wishes to see, you will be able to illustrate their wants and needs better. You should also keep a track of your views, likes, dislikes, and subscribers; then study these patterns to learn about the causes behind them.

This will guide you in building your community and brand identity on YouTube and generating organic traffic to your channel and website.

4. Consistency:

Whatever you do, consistency is the key to achieving success in it; YouTube is no different. As we discussed earlier, the frequency with which you post videos is one of the main factors of YouTube ranking. If you are seriously interested in getting more views, you need to upload videos at least twice a week.

Success is not a fast ascent, you will need to be persistent in creating informative content with appealing thumbnails and catchy titles. Posting videos more frequently, and educating your target audience about the benefits.

They can obtain by associating with you; will help you gain popularity, good reviews, and trust of your existing customers and the target audience.

5. Optimization of Content:

While the rest of the tips are helpful, everything would be a futile attempt if no one found your video. To ensure staying in the front lines of YouTube, ensure that your videos are easy to find; this can be ensured through utilizing SEO in your video title and tags.

The use of SEO in your content enables you to address and reach your target audience faster and better. It can also help you while you’re selecting a niche for your videos or your channel, which in turn will grant you authority in the market and enable you to avoid heavy competition.

Educational videos on DIY and How-To are the most popular on YouTube. Businesses can improve their traffic by including educational content relating to and its application in real life.

You can also add a link to your webpage to give viewers easy access to learning more about your products or services.

6. Avoid Reposting Videos:

While you are going to hear a lot about repurposing content, avoid it when creating videos for YouTube.

Create content precisely for YouTube; conduct research on keywords, plan and base videos on that, record content that is short, simple, and sweet, and include a creative thumbnail and an appealing title; it will help you perform better and improve your performance on YouTube.

Analyze the videos of yours that were most successful and utilize that information to your advantage in creating more content. Don’t repost the same content, just study the techniques and tactics of the successful videos and use these tactics to create different content.

7. Embedding links on Websites:

Embedding links to your YouTube channel on your website and blog posts is a great opportunity to drive traffic towards your YouTube channel, same goes for embedding your website and blog post links in the description of your videos.

This will bring new visitors to your website and blog posts and new subscribers to your YouTube channel.

8. Collaborating with Influencers:

One of the simplest and easiest ways to increase your YouTube channel traffic is to collaborate with other YouTube channels. Collaborating with influencers may take a lot of work and time to show the results of success.

However, it is an undeniably effective strategy for marketing and increasing viewership.

Parting Thoughts:

Building a strong subscription on YouTube can be accomplished with the help of the above-given tips. These tactics will also help you achieve organic traffic to your website, blog posts, and social media pages.

It will require time and constant hard work from your side, which is great if you can do that for your business. Otherwise, you can always avail the assistance of good and reputable social media services in Dubai like VDigitalX.

YouTube marketing is no walk-in-the-mark, as your business needs to dig deep in order to get the appraisal you are looking for. One of the best ways for spreading awareness of your business on YouTube is through an explainer video.

Read our most recent blog on Explainer Videos: A Game-Changer for Your Business to get a better idea of YouTube marketing.


Is there any trick to increase views on YouTube?

There is not one trick per se, but a lot of strategies like creating content that is I high demand, using SEO in your content, getting promoted through YouTube ads, etc.

What are the best hours to post on YouTube?

The best time to post on YouTube is late morning (between 09:00 am and 11:00 am) on the weekends and late afternoon (between 02:00 pm and 04:00 pm) on the weekdays; as these are times people usually check their phones

What is the highest demand in YouTube?

Entertainment is the most demanded type of video content on YouTube at the present, followed by food, beauty, and fashion, gaming, music, etc.

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