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What is Video Animation?

Video Animation is making pictures, texts, elements, characters, and creatures to move. Many kinds of video animation create a graphic illusion of moving images.


From drawing pictures on paper to creating flipbook images, the animation is done using different software, which provides us with ease to work with effortlessness. However, traditional animation is still an approaching part of this generation.

We’re here to help you upgrade your level and animation skills. Besides that, our exclusive video animation agency in Dubai offers comprehensive end-to-end services. From guiding you to helping in animation creation, we provide you with the ultimate service package, including tailored solutions.

Various Types of Video Animation

There are many different types of video animation, but the most popular ones are explained here:

1. 2D Animation:

2D animation adds movement in two-dimensional characters, creatures, FX, etc. It is the most popular video animation medium. 2D animation used to be the most demanding skill. Animators and graphic designers were hired at

Types Of Animations

high costs. Everyone wanted to market their product or services using 2d animation. Not only that, cartoons for kids were started on-air. 

Today, various tools have made it easy for anyone to work on and create their animation series. The era of 2D demand will surely never quit.

2. Stop motion:

Stop motion videos are a filming technique in which an object’s picture is repeatedly clicked in different positions and then finally presented in a way that the object seems to look like it’s moving in actuality.

Stop motion is a flip-book style. It is the easiest type of animation and does not require professional skills. Besides that, investing doesn’t require a single penny.

3. 3D Animation:

3D animation is adding movement to a three-dimensional character. 3D animation generates more sense of depth than 2d animation. The more realistic the 3D animation seems, the more expensive it gets. 

Besides that, it is also time-consuming and requires effort. It provides a real feeling and offers great emotions. That’s why it sits perfectly in making films with complex crafting.

4. Explainer Videos:

Explainer or White Board videos are short clips mostly found on home or landing pages. The purpose of these short videos is to explain your brand’s vision or some short trick in just a few minutes.

Explainer videos are highly popular and the most demanded asset. This helps viewers understand the video and allows many views, as these creative videos help attract people.

5. Motion graphics:

Motion graphics are videos containing characters, text, and animation with audio. These videos are normally used for marketing as they explain the brand’s prospectus in just a few seconds. 

It also offers interactive and eye-catching visuals that help gain people’s attention and help them visit your working page.

6. Infographic Animation:

Infographic animation is the sort of animation containing an eye-catching graphic visual as well as text, colour, and image for information. It is easy to understand as it transforms complex data into a digestible form and causes attraction due to its bright colours. 

These are seen in kids’ rhymes and story animation videos.

7. Rotoscope Animation:

Rotoscope animation is one of the very first founded animation techniques. It is a frame-by-frame creation of real-life visuals to create realistic effects. It can be done as 2D animation on paper and 3D animation using software.

Rotoscope animation was invented by Max Fleischer, who invented Rotoscope to create animation.

8. Typography Videos:

Typography videos combine text and styling, having motion in them to convey information or explain any business idea. In this, the text and styling used should be legible and understandable to the viewers. 

This type of animation is mostly used in advertisements, social media posts, and interesting title creation.

Adobe Animate

Top most Premium Software for Video Animation

1 Adobe Animate:

Adobe Animate is a vector-based software. It is a powerful tool with interactive content with a multimedia experience.


  • It supports HTML, Canva, etc.
  • It can easily be exported in various formats.
  • It is an ideal software for designers, game developers, and artists.

2 Animaker:

Animaker is an online AI animation generator, offering high-quality and non-pixelated video animations.


  • Offers effortless work in less time.
  • Powerful character-building tool.
  • Supports various video animation types including 2D animation, whiteboard videos, infographics, etc.

3 Visme:

Visme is a cloud-based designing tool. It helps in creating social media post images, infographics, interactive presentations, and well-crafted visuals. 


  • Offers unlimited animation templates.
  • It is an AI-powered tool.
  • Allow offline downloading of documents. 
  • Audio synchronization is available.

4 Adobe After Effects:

Adobe After Effect is a powerful motion and video animation tool. It contains many visual graphic features.


  • It offers 3D as well as 2D animation videos.
  • Mostly used in film and TV production houses. 
  • Captivate motion graphics.
Adobe After Effects

5 Blender:

Blender is an open-source 3D animation tool quite famous among designers for 3D Sculpting and designing. 


  • Motion tracking feature available.
  • Offers 3D character modeling.
  • VFX tracking is also present.

6 Canva:

Canva is an ideal, easy-to-use video animation software for beginners. It doesn’t require any skill and professionalism.


  • Allow storytelling and brand animation video creation.
  • Easily animate texts and elements.
  • Remain no watermarks.


Vyond is an AI-poweredAI-powered tool that landscaping businesses use to create animation videos. 


  • Unlimited templates are available.
  • Voiceovers and text-to-speech feature availability.
  • Offers zooming camera effects.


Unity is a real-time development software. It provides working on both 2D and 3D animation videos.


  • Provides a vast collection.
  • Large asset library.
  • Powerful character-building tool.  


Maya is a high-quality video animation tool used in TV and film production. It is a strong tool with unlimited options and availability.


  • Customization feature present.
  • Offers rigging animations.
  • Advanced 3D character modeling.

10 Cinema 4D:

Cinema 4D is a video animation software, well-known for its user-friendly interface.


  • Offers 3D character modeling.
  • Allow motion graphic video creation.
  • Ideal for graphic designers and video animators.
Cinema 4D

How to animate a video

Animating a simple, short video doesn’t require skills and expertise. Follow these steps and come up with an impressive animated video.

Character Selection:

  • Shortlist your characters according to your niche.
  • Select the characters that fit well.
  • Arrange them in order.

Motion Addition:

How To Animate
  • Identify all available motions.
  • Allow testimonials to check what looks better.
  • Finalize it, and enjoy moving characters.

Voiceover audit:

  • Identify all available voices.
  • Select one that suits the personality of the character.
  • Finalize it.


  • Customize your characters if needed.
  • Add text, background, and further elements if you want to.

Publish it:

  • Download the animated character on your device.
  • Post it on social media or share it with your family and friends.


In this leveraging world, technologies are upgrading. We understand your challenges in this fiercely competitive era and are here to help you stand out. Our blog contains all the fulfilling requirements that make it easy for you to select your animation type and software according to that. We’ve transformed complex animation guidance into an easily digestible form.

If you face difficulties and hurdles in video animation, our exclusive video animation agency in Dubai is ready to help you solve your hardships. Contact us without wasting further time to get further details of our company and services.

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